Transfer back for Vatican Private Tour

Our Vatican tour includes St. Peter’s Basilica, but please note:
Some things have changed since the Vatican reopened after the lockdown.
The most striking change on Vatican tours is that the shortcut connecting the Sistine Chapel with St. Peter’s Basilica (see map) is no longer accessible and we have no idea if or when it will be made accessible again.
Once the guides could take their guests from the Sistine to the Basilica simply by going down a long staircase, but now you must go back to the entrance and walk about three quarters of a mile to reach St. Peter’s.
Needless to say, this makes the Vatican tour much longer and more tiring than it already was before the pandemic.
But we can help!
If your booking includes the return transfer to your hotel at the end of the tour, which costs € 60 for a group of up to 8 people, we also include the transfer from the Vatican Museums to St. Peter’s at no additional cost.
You will be met by your driver at the exit of the Vatican Museums, he will accompany you to the Basilica, wait for you while you visit it with your guide and finally, he will take you back to your hotel or to any other place in the city you wish.
None of the above concerns you if you are not interested in visiting St. Peter’s Basilica

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