The best private car tour of Rome: the tour by electric golf cart!

Tour Rome with driving guides in a golf cart, it's the best way to tour Rome.

Roberto, Max and Paolo would like to take you on the best tour of Rome.

We will take you all over the real Rome and we're sure that at the end you'll say this was your best tour !!! Enjoy Rome off and on the beaten path!

Best tour of Rome. Tour of Rome by golf cart

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We don't want you to think of us as your guides, your drivers and such, we want you to think of us as your friends in Rome because we'll treat you like our friends from out of town!

We just can't wait to take you on a our fantastic, ecological, environment friendly and most enjoyable tour of Rome by electric golf cart. The first time we showed people around Rome by golf cart, we loved it and so did our clients! At first we were proposing the golf cart tour to those who had walking problems, but then we realized that everyone was having a great time touring Rome this way and so we decided that this had to be the way we would tour Rome from then on!

However, though the golf cart tours are our specialty, there are other things we can do for you. Things we did before we had the golf cart idea and new things, like tours in the countryside, cooking classes, wine tasting, personal shopper and more, just ask us what you need and we will surely do our best to accommodate you!

We've all been in this business many, many years and we know what's going on...

We  would like you to know a little more about us and what our specialties are so, please click on the buttons hereunder to find out about us.


Roberto Contursi, aka "Robertino" or "Bob"


Roberto and Paolo are the ones that started the golf cart tours. Having been good friends for a very long time, a few years ago they had the idea and shared the cost of buying the first cart. Business got bigger since then, but so did Roberto's enthusiasm for this kind of tour!

He loves driving the golf cart around Rome, but still he likes to drive tourists around in his minivan to see sites outside of the city on day trips or multiple day trips. He especially loves Tuscany and knows it like the back of his hand. He complains because visitors of this website focus on the golf cart tours and hardly ever visit the country tours page. Make him happy and click here!

Roberto has been in the business since he was born. His father showed tourists around for a living just like he does and thought him all the tricks of the trade. He speaks very good English and Spanish, knows Rome and Italy extremely well and he can tour you anywhere.


Roberto "Robertino" Contursi on a golf cart tour of Rome


Massimiliano Leotta, aka"Max"


For Max the tour business is a family business, not only his father was in it, but also his brothers! Max is the youngest of three brothers and is the one who enjoys his job the most and he's always open to new experiences, that's why he joined us!

Max is having a great time with the golf carts, but he also likes to work as a walking guide. He can take you through the Vatican, the Colosseum and the rest of the diggings and he wouldn't mind taking you on a trip outside of Rome to see the fantastic sites just outside Rome or further away, like Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast.

He speaks good English and Spanish and really knows his history.

Max's wife is also a guide and she speaks Russian!

Massimiliano "Max"  Leotta on a golf cart tour of Rome


Paolo Apolloni, aka Wiki-Paolo or Paul


Son of the man they say was the first driving guide of Rome, Paolo has been conducting tours since he was 17 years old. He's known for being the one who had the idea of the golf cart tours.

As a young man, he worked as a free lance tour conductor, taking large tour groups of tourists all over Europe. Later, following his father's footsteps, he started working as a driving guide and that's what he's still doing, but only tours by golf cart! Another one of his specialties are tours off the beaten path in the countryside, please click here to learn more.

His experience and knowledge of Rome enabled the rest of the team to make the golf cart tour very different and more satisfactory than any other kind of tour. He's also responsible for the design and contents of the websites so, if some links do not work or you discover errors and typos, please let him know! Speaks English and Spanish fluently, plus conversational German, French and Japanese.

Paolo Apolloni on a golf cart tour of Rome


Victor Colaiacomo, aka "Vic"


Just after he was born in Rome, his family moved to the USA. When he was little he lived in America but then he came back to Rome, and then he went back to the States,  then he came back to Rome, and then he went back to the States,  then he came back to Rome, and then he went back to the States... 35 times across the ocean before he finally decided this is where he wants to be! At least that's what it looks like for now...

Vic is very smart and it didn't take long to train him. He has less experience that the rest of the team obviously, but he caught up really well and he's an expert now. He's been with us from the beginning of the golf cat tours adventure, loves his job and everyone who toured with absolutely raves about the experience.


Victor Colaiacomo on a golf cart tour of Rome


Fabrizio Bortoli, aka "Ape"


Fabrizio in the tour business by trade, loves to show people around. He does it with passion, but he also has a passion for food! So, years ago, he opened up a Japanese restaurant. Yes, no joke, Japanese! He was very successful from the beginning, and soon opened another one. But then the global economy crisis forced him to close down his restaurants and come back to the family business and show tourists around for a living. Not knowing that Roberto, Max and Paolo were starting the golf cart tours, but having had a similar idea, doing something different from the ordinary tour he was inspired by the 3-wheeler Vespa called "Ape". By the way Ape in Italian, means bee, nothing to do with gorillas.  He'll take you on your tour of Rome either in a golf cart or in his 3-wheeler whichever you prefer.

The difference between the 3-wheeler and the golf carts, is that he does have to worry about the batteries.  He can just pull up at a gas station and refuel, therefore, he can also take you outside of the city in his 3-wheeler.

Fabrizio speaks English, Spanish and French.

Fabrizio on a golf cart tour of Rome


Renato Cinquina, aka "Ron"



Renato has been in the tour business 45 years, just as long as Paolo and they've been friends all this time.  He travelled around the world a lot when he was young, before he decided to settle down in Rome. He was in Germany, Holland, Brazil and even Australia!

He speaks English, German, Dutch and Portuguese.  When he's not touring people around, he's reading books about Rome. His knowledge of the city is profound! He likes to tour people around in a golf cart, but he doesn't mind using his minivan for touring around either.

So, if you like to be comfortable in an air-conditioned car when it rains, or if you want to go on a tour outside of the city,  Renato will be happy to take you around in his minivan.  Obviously, just like the rest of us, also Renato thinks that the golf cart is the best means to tour Rome.



Francesca Piermattei, aka "Francesca"



Francesca drives the minivan and minibus and minibus mostly. She will come to meet you at the airport or seaport if you decide to book your transfer with us, but she also drives the golf cart. She doesn't speak English well, so she cannot take you on a tour, but she drives the golf cart anyway. The second one! When we have a group that we have to use more than one cart for, she drives one of the next carts. When we have groups that come by cruise ship, she goes to meet the at the port and drives them to Rome, she parks her minivan and drives the golf cart for the city tour and, at the end of it, she gets back in the minivan and drives the cruisers back to the port.


Barbara Beni


Barbara was the last one to join the group.  She's a lovely charming lady who loves to cook and shop. She obviously speaks English and will teach you how to cook Italian style and how to shop.

If you like to join her for a cooking class, she'll meet you in the morning and she'll walk you through the market place first where she'll introduce you to the customs of an Italian housewife and to foods that might look exotic to you. While you tour around the market you decide the menu with her and then you'll meet her again at her place in the evening for the cooking class and dinner.

Barbara also knows the best shops of Rome, so you can also hire her to take you shopping. She'll either walk you from shop to shop or, if you prefer not to walk, she'll take you in a golf cart,


All of us have lots of experience working as driving guides. For several decades we've been touring people around Rome the rest of Italy in our Mercedes minivans but now we think that, for what concerns tours of Rome, it's time for a change.

We still love to take our clients out on day trips to Florence, Pompeii, Assisi and places off the beaten path, but we think that today the best way to see Rome is touring it by golf cart.

Rome's traffic keeps getting worse and worse and it's very difficult to find a space where to stop to let the people out of the car when you drive up to one of the sites. Forget about parking those cumbersome vehicles. Sometimes we have to drive around the block twice before we can find a space where to just stop and let our people out of the car! We remember the good old days when we were able to park our car somewhere and walk our clients through some of the quaint little streets from Piazza Navona to the Pantheon stopping to get an ice cream on the way. Today we can just to drop them off and we consider ourselves lucky if we can just wait for them in the car where we stop without having to drive around the block because the cops come and send us away!

It's all different instead when we tour in a golf cart! We can do all that again! Especially when we tour in the little 4-seater golf buggy that's 6 feet long. Not only we can drive it through the narrow streets where regular car wouldn't fit, but we can always find a little space where to park it and walk with our clients to every interesting spot in the area, not just the highlights!

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