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The golf cart tour is not just a driving tour! Often, people who contact us think that we just drive them around the major highlights of Rome and that’s wrong !!! Not only we take you to see the major highlights on an entirely different and more interesting itinerary than most tours follow, but we provide a commentary, stop at the sites and let you get out of the cart to stroll and look around at your own pace. Places like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps etcetera, you can find walking around on your own but, without mentioning that if you went there by yourselves you probably wouldn’t get any of the history behind them, surely you wouldn’t know that right around the corner there’s something interesting for you to see, like a little church with a statue by Michelangelo or a great place for gelato!

We take you to see all the well-known tourist attractions and some of the curiosities off the beaten path and we also introduce you to the pleasures of Rome and the Roman lifestyle! Everybody loves Italian ice cream (“gelato” is what we call it in Italian) espresso , cappuccino, pizza, pasta, pastry and all of that, so we’ll be taking you to the best places where you can enjoy the real thing, not to the tourist places.

When we drive in a motorcade with more than one cart, we stop frequently and the driving guide in the leading cart provides the commentary for all the passengers but, in case the group is really large and we have to use more than 2/3 carts, the driver-guide will have a microphone and the passengers will have headsets, so nobody will miss anything! We’ll show you all of Rome major attractions, but also some special places that, we’re sure, you’ll really enjoy seeing.

Those who choose to tour with us in our golf carts really enjoy their tour, but also we enjoy showing them around! The best about touring Rome by golf cart is really the driving around narrow streets that suddenly open into romantic squares, stopping here and there for a little while to see a special site or enjoy a gelato. So, please don’t ask us to take you inside the Vatican or inside the Colosseum during the golf cart tour! The visit of the Vatican or the Colosseum take a long time and, when tour around by golf cart, we would much rather show you all the places you’d never get to see if you walked around on your own or went on a different kind of tour. However, we’ll be pleased to arrange for you to tour Vatican or the inside the Colosseum with one of our walking guides. Please see about our walking tours of the Vatican or Colosseum and Roman Forum in the dedicated pages.