The best private car tour of Rome? The tour by golf cart! Best tour of Rome for everyone! You enjoy Rome thoroughly without walking! The best for kids, seniors, disabled & families.  Even locals enjoy touring Rome  this way! The best tour of Rome we ever did and, we're sure, it'll be your best tour of Rome!!! Fun and efficient, ecological and quiet tour of Rome by electric, street legal golf cart.

Your Roman friends will show you their Rome in a way others can't show you!

Best tour of Rome. Tour of Rome by golf cart
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Our tours are available in these languages:

Italian Giri turistici in golf cart English Golf cart tours in English Spanish Tour de Roma en carrito de golf German Golf cart stadtrundfahrt Portuguese Visida de la cidadi en carro de golf Dutch Japanese

Culture and fun go together when you tour with us! Enjoy touring Rome with us by golf cart !!!

Our electric, quiet, environment friendly, comfortable and small golf carts fit everywhere. Easy to get in and out of and fully open, the golf carts allow you to take pictures without getting out of the cart if you don't want to. We slip silently through the narrow streets where regular cars do not fit and show you places you'd not see otherwise. The golf cart tour combines the features of a walking tour with the comfort of a driving tour, adding lots of fun to your sightseeing experience! A walking tour wears you out, takes a long time and does not cover much ground. You can cover more ground by car,  but you'd forcibly miss the most representative areas of Rome, because cars can't drive the narrow streets where the golf carts drive and they can't find a parking space easily. Touring in a golf cart, you sit comfortably in a fully open electric car and relax, letting us do the job of driving you silently through the wonders of Rome. We'll take you the main attractions as well as the sites out of the way, those that most tourists miss. We'll drive you through the evocative, narrow streets of old Rome, avoiding most of the main streets, where all kinds of noisy and smelly vehicles, drive. The handicapped and the elderly are driven right to the doorstep of the sites and through areas where cars can't drive. They see places that would not be accessible otherwise, just as if they walked all over Rome. Kids have a lot of fun and would never want to stop. The golf cart is ideal for shopping tours also. We can provide a driver or a personal shopper to go with you and introduce you to the secrets of shopping in Rome! We'll drive you slowly through the streets and let you look at the windows, wait while you shop and hold your bags for you. People who toured by golf cart with us rave about it, if you want to know more about what people think about our golf cart tours, please check our  "kudos" page, our listing on Trip Advisor and Facebook. And, please, watch our videos on YouTube!


The golf cart tour is not just driving around! You get a narration, stop at the sites, get out of the cart and look around!


We've all been in the tour business for generations, we felt like it was time for a change...

Second generation in the tour business , Roberto, Max and I, Paolo, have been showing people around in our cars and minivans for decades. But times change and driving around Rome in cumbersome minivans has become a sort of nightmare because of new regulations, traffic and lack of parking spaces.

So we decided needed to do something to change our way of doing our tours of Rome and we switched to smaller, environment friendly, electric vehicles:

the street legal golf carts!

Driving around Rome in golf carts makes us feel free! Free to take our tourists to places that our cumbersome minivans could not access, we can always find a little space where to park the cart and walk with our tourists to a tucked away little church. Show them sort of hidden masterpieces or we can just take them to a great “gelato” place which, though it may be just around the corner from one of Rome major attractions, most tourists would not find it.

The golf carts made us rediscover our city. For decades we could only drive our tourists to the Rome's major highlights, which is what all the other tour companies do. With the golf carts we can instead make them discover the real Rome, slipping through the back streets only a small vehicle or pedestrians can access. The streets where the present Romans live their lives.

We don't mean to be your tour guides, we like to be your friends in Rome and show you around our town the way you would show around friends and relatives from out of town when they visit you! We'll take you to lunch where we have lunch, drink where we drink, and we can also take you home with us and teach you how to cook an Italian meal!

We are proud of our city and we want you to see it the way it deserves!

Our insights page has a lot of helpful information you can use to plan your stay in Rome, we warmly suggest you visit it!

We are sure we'll show you more than you expect to see and that you'll enjoy touring with us more than you think you will !!!


We don't just drive you around! Often people think we just drive our carts around the major highlights of Rome, but that’s wrong !!! We do take you to the major highlights but we follow more interesting itineraries than most tours follow and provide a commentary. We stop at the sites to let you out of the cart and look around at your own pace. we'll take you to the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps etcetera, but also to some out of the way sites which are not far from the famous attractions.

You want us to take you for a great gelato? We will!

We don't have any preset tours, you can design your own or pick one from those we suggest in this website, but maybe you just want to tell us what your special interests are and let us tailor your tour accordingly. When driving in a motorcade with more than one cart, we stop frequently and the driving guide in the leading cart narrates for all the participants but, in case the group is really large and we have to use more than 2/3 carts, we'll use a microphone and headsets for the passengers, so everybody hears the narration. The best part of the golf cart tour of Rome is really driving around narrow streets and quaint, romantic squares. Stopping here and there to see some special site or, why not, enjoy some cappuccino. Please don't ask us to take you inside the Vatican or inside the Colosseum during the golf cart tour! The Vatican or the Colosseum take a long time to visit and, when tour around by golf cart, we would much rather show you all the places you’d never get to see if you walked around on your own or a different kind of tour would show you. However, we’ll be pleased to arrange for you to tour Vatican or the inside the Colosseum with one of our walking guides. Please see about our walking tours of the Vatican or Colosseum and Roman Forum in the dedicated pages.

The stretched golf cart by the Hotel Raphael.

We can also arrange theme tours for you, such as:


  Baroque Rome

We'll show you the great Baroque churches, buildings and statues of Rome.

  Ancient Rome

We'll drive you around the Roman ruins,  the Colosseum or the Roman Forum, but also those that aren't as obvious.

  Angels and Demons

We’ll take you to the sites you saw in the movie or read about in the book.

  Jewish Rome

The Jews have come to Rome in the 2nd century B. C. and never left. See where they lived and hear their history.



We will meet in the city, at your hotel or anywhere else in town if your place isn't too far for the golf carts to reach.


·         we will start from your hotel, as long as it is located in the center of the city, which generally means within the Old Roman Walls.

·         If your hotel is not within the boundaries of the Old Roman Walls, but provides a shuttle bus service, we will meet you where the shuttle bus drops you off.

·         If your hotel does not provide a shuttle bus service, or you prefer to take a taxi, than you can meet us in the park of Villa Borghese and we'll start the tour from there.

·         If you're in Rome for the day off cruise ship , we can provide round trip transfer from the port of Civitavecchia by private car, minivan or bus.

·         If you do not want to use our private transfer service and you prefer to commute from the port of Civitavecchia by train, we'll come to meet you at  "Stazione San Pietro" (St. Peter's train station), which is a small one right near the Vatican where you can easily spot us.

·         In case you are driving to Rome for the day from somewhere, you can park your car safely in the Villa Borghese underground parking garage, which is where we keep our golf carts also.

·         If your case is none of the above, we'll have to discuss with you where to meet.

Please remember that you'll be touring Rome by golf cart with very limited space for gear.
The average driving range for a golf cart is 80 kilometers (50 miles) per day which is more than a full day tour of Rome requires, but does not allow us to drive to your hotel if this is not in proximity of the old city center.

Amhed selling kitchen tools in Campo de' Fiori, one of the amusements during your golf cart tour of Rome!


In case of bad weather conditions, you can choose to tour by car or minivan.